Ah, look at all the nice people!

Thank you all, for your nice comments. I will not do away with comments, despite the nasty spammenters…

I have several posts I want to write:

* a bit about Proust, who is substantially difficult to read, but has devoted fans (I read one of his books for my book Group)

* this cool piece about classism and the habit of murder (and a book that actually validates my theory!)

* a review of “A burning house” which is stories about people living and dying with AIDS

* this COOL COOL new organization method by Kepner Tregoe that rocks

But I have too much to say and not enough time. I discovered that one of my major problems right now is that I have not been getting enough sleep

No sleep makes it hard to think. And thinking makes it hard to sleep. The last few nights have been full of half waking thoughts. Which is a problem.

maybe if I stop and write out some of the things that I want to post about I will sleep better.

last night I went home and fell asleep right after dinner. At about 6:45 I feel asleep in front of the TV playing “An American in Paris” and then Chris woke me up to send me to bed.

I feel a little rested. But more sleep is needed.

I’ll keep you informed. Thank you all very much for your attention.

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