More things I am reading

Okay…I finished reading In Cold Blood and also Other Rooms,Other Voices, both by Truman Capote

I am listening to Cold Mountain on cassette, and to Crazy Horse on CD. I forget who wrote Cold Mountain, but Larry McMurtry wrote Crazy Horse.

I am dissatisfied with all of the above except for CM.

I once had a friend who reminded me that I am happier when I am reading a good book. I am not doing very wll at finding good books.

I’m finding disturbing ones that make me more feel uneasy.


I am unable to go without a book. I hav to have one, basically. But I regret it, when I go too fast between them. If I leap from one to the next without spending time contemplating the one i have finished. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I like to write reviews of them here.

But sometimes they are very complicated, and I can’t get my head around it enough to write the review.

And too much time goe sby and I’m in the middle of another one.

But they can pile up. I should make a point of getting SOMETHING down about each book.

I’ll try to.

One thought on “More things I am reading

  1. Hi Murphy,
    Have you read “Arranged Marriage” by Chitra Divakaruni (sp?) or “Complications” by Atul Gawande? I think they are good books.