TV Review: _The Red Green Show_:the last season

My friend described this show to me long before I actually got to see it.

“There is this guy, Red Green, and he’s part of the Possum Lodge. He’s hilarious. He has all these friends and his nephew Harold…. Every episode at the end, they say the man’s prayer: I’m a man…and I can change…if I have to…I guess…”

I honestly couldn’t picture it, but he was so excited. I finally got a chance to see it for myself this last year. I have not been this into a Canadian PBS show since Degrassi!

The show is only on certain PBS stations. So, it’s hard to see. Second, 2006 marks the 15th and final year of The Red Green Show.
Thank God for reruns. I’ll be watching this–waiting for all the episodes I’ve missed. They also made a movie Duct Tape Forever! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

It’s so silly, and very refreshing. It’s a nice change to have a truly entertaining show that’s utterly clean. Comedy that’s not shocking? That takes talent.

Of course, Red Green (actor Steve Smith) is part of every show. He also has a rotating cast of regulars who come through. There is Dalton Humphrey, the proprietor of the Everything Store, and Winston Rothschild III of Rothchild’s Septic Sucking Services, just to name a few. My favorite, of course, is Red Green’s nephew Harold, played by Patrick McKenna. Harold has a lot of trouble with the ladies, and everything his Uncle Red has to say he takes with a grain of salt. Red has no respect for Harold’s opinions either, though, so it works out.

Duct tape, backyard projects, practical jokes and misadventures take up their time. Flannel shirts are the fashion.

The show has virtually no women, although the personalities of the lodge members’ wives dominate the background. They are frequently referenced while the guys are considering their plans. Of course, Red Green has this advice: “Remember, if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”

Each episode makes the grade by following their formula, but still being totally unexpected.

And any TV show ever that makes it through to 15 seasons is remarkable. It is hard to convey the genius of this show; you just have to see it.

You really have to see it.

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