how do these things happen…?

I haven’t been in my house for a full year. And the house is old and quaint. I have decided to distract myself for the extreme heat by doing some house projects.

I am refinishing a door.

Basically, there was some peeling on the paint in a very obvious place. It looked kinda shabby, and the only way to repair it is to strip all the paint off and repaint it.

The door are very pretty, with the sort of detailing that doesn’t happen anymore. Nothing too ornate, just three indented panes with a little detail around the edge of each pane.

I thought about how many layers of paint had been put on that door over the last 56 years, and I thought the details would really pop out if I were to reduce it to a mere 2 layers.

Stripping paint is not a job for the faint hearted. Or the easily distracted. Fortunately, I am neither. But it is still a LOT of Paint to get off.

Of course the first thing was to unscrew it off it’s hinges, so I can lay it flat. I had to use a little stripper just to find the screw under all the paint, but I accomplished it.

Then, I had to take the doorknob off. The doorknob looked worse for the wear.

We will need a new knob. Which is an interesting thought. What sort of knob do I want?

Then I notice…almost every doorknob in my home is unique. How did such a variety of knobs get into this house? I think there are 15 knobs in my little house, with about 10 unique models.

They have different shapes, a lot of different finishes. How did that happen? was there some kind of freak reason to replace the doorknobs everywhere?

Doorknobs are not as cheap as I would like them to be. About 25 bucks. Not much for just one, but it’s a little pricier to buy 15. I will, however, be buying 15. I am pleased with the thought of uniformity in my doorknobs.

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