A poem

I don’t share my poetry on this blog. I figure maybe I should. I wrote this one today. Enjoy!

This one doesn’t count
Because who’s counting anyway?
It’s for you
All of you

But I’m lying
Someone is counting
One Two
Tick Tock
Fast Handing
Around the clock

I’m getting very sleepy. Things are feeling freaky
Roman numerals with Egyptian eyes
Sphinx eyes turning me to unkinetic stone
Unmotioned by the unbroken hand sweep
The caged bird in my chest batters the cage
No amount of panic is enough
The soft black feathers scatter and flutter from the violence
The hopeful bird croaks “Evermore!
More More MORE.” Battle this cage
With every small mustered strength
One nudge must one day be enough
To jostle and break the gaze

I am not stone. The eyes tell lies
Motion is my birthright.
Action Production
Distance before and behind
Each footfall might be
Well-placed and unstumbled
Disturb the road dust
The coal dust
Mighty step of weight and substance
Pressuring the stuff of the world
Realign with beauty and order
My steps to leave diamonds underfoot

The road untraveled stretches
I can’t see it
Snowshoes and machetes plow the ground
Follow stars and leaning shadows
The sun wheels overhead

Let the path find me
It’s for me and for you
I know you are counting on me

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