swimming through shark filled waters

Summer is almost over. Perhaps it is over. It doesn’t feel over in my new home town. But the kids are back in school.

I miss school. I miss it very much. I miss having a teacher tell me “Good job!” when I turn in my homework. I miss the motivation that comes from know that someone notices how I am doing.

But I’m a grown up now. I dragged out the whole school thing almost as long as I possibly could. It’s time now for me to kick my own butt.

I have done a huge project, getting my book published. But I am realizing, that is only half the work. Just because I wrote it does not mean people will read it. I need to get it into their hands.

Which takes a whole new set of skills and experiences that I simply do not have.

I am going to have to learn them. It’s harder than I realized.

And the fact of the matter is, no one is going to really care if I don’t succeed. That means it’s very easy for me to not do it. I could procrastinate and take forever and ever and never quite do it.

I want to do it. But this is harder than I thought. It’s taking some real effort.

and a lot of it is just mental work. It’s scary. And it doesn’t seem like it should be.

But I really feel liek I’m swimming with sharks. Even if they are only in my mind….

3 thoughts on “swimming through shark filled waters

  1. Summer???

    Yes, it is so hard to believe that it has reached its end and we are all trying to get into the fall spirit. The Home Sweet Home candle from Yankee Candle Co. is helping me to replace my relaxed mood with a sense of the business fall brings with it. Before I know it I will be buying Halloween costumes, planning the Thanksgiving meal, and purchasing tons of presents that will take me over a year to pay off…….thus speeds by the Fall season!

    But, with my complaints also come a sense of normalcy…a sense of joy with family, and an aroma of fall leaves, grass and pumpkins. Should I complain? Absolutely not! Fall is my favorite time of year although the rat race speeds up it also brings the most memories for me and my family. Football season (GO 49ers!!!! You’re a great losing team!!!! But we love ya!), Sundays sleeping and having big lunches, events at the girls’ school, many many many parties (Hooray for red wine!), and COOL weather (my favorite). I still need to replace my summer flag outside with a fall one and winterize our pool. Hum!!!!!

    So, did I mention that I just experienced a birthday……..once you are past 30 birthdays seem to just roll on by and keep on rolling as the rolls also multiply on your waist. BUT, this year was the best birthday ever. My sweet and dear companion of over 16 years, husband of 14 years, did the most amazing thing for me this year. OK you have to understand the man I married for this to seem like an exciting story! He is part German and part Mexican….my dear German Mexican stallion ha! He really doesn’t plan much and just takes me to dinner or buys flowers…..but his romantic love throughout the year is what means the most though. Ok so this birthday he went above and beyond the stars. He hired a sitter……I actually did nothing. He confirmed reservations at a very fancy Cuban restaurant (my favorite). When I walked into the restaurant the greeter said “Hello Mrs. Slocum. Happy birthday! Follow me!” Hum…she knows my name. She walked us to a private table in a corner overlooking the whole inland empire valley and there was a huge bouquet of flowers already on the table (I later learned that he came 2 hours earlier to place them there and pick the table). The waiter brought a delicious bottle of wine over. We ordered our meal and towards the end of our lovely night, he pulled out the all too recognizable jewelry box. Inside was a beautiful locket that said I love you on it. I cried because that is what women do when they feel so loved and appreciated. Then we left to go to the movies to see a movie I have so wanted to see (The new 9/11 movie). At the movies several of my friends and their mates walked up to surprise me (all prearranged my man) and all went in to watch the movie with us. Ok I am boring you all with my “gushy” details. I had a blast and will never forget the trouble he went to in order to make me feel so loved!!!!

    SO COME ON FALL!!!!! I am ready for the adventure!

    Well, let’s talk about Murphy’s book. I too wish EVERY ONE could a get a copy in their hands. I plan on buying 2 more to share with my girlfriends……you are awesome Murph!

    Murphy has not only been an inspiration to me to put my thoughts on paper or computer (thus the long intro to this BLOG), but has inspired me to be a better woman…to seek my inner person and strive for success judged by only myself. WOW! That’s deep! My kids love her because they say she looks in their eyes when she talks to them….kind of funny to hear from a 5 and 11 year old. SO best of luck to Murphy! BUY HER BOOK!!! COME TO HER WRITING SEMINARS!!!!! I feel honored to call her friend and mentor! Love ya Murph!


    Did you get the new flowers for your yard?

  2. Hi, I found your blog through a convoluted fly-by at blogcritics. Congratulations for your published book!

    I started to write some short stories recently and I was curious about your first-time publishing experience. Would you mind sharing some thoughts on the writing process (getting the idea, ‘charting out’ the story, revision, handling editors etc…)?

    I have a hard time getting a finished draft that I’m happy with even though the act of writing is itself rewarding. Any thoughts on the revision process?

    (hope you don’t mind my asking) and again, congrats!

  3. T. Drake,

    I would be pleased to talk with you about book writing and publishing. You did not leave an email address, so I hope you come back later and send me an email.