One thought on “Miriam’s first book club

  1. YOu go girl! I get the benefit of being your neighbor (AKA “the neighbor”) and had my book signed the day I received it….must say I am almost finished with it….must post my latest writing with much encourgement from Ms. Murphy….

    The Old Rockin Chair

    It just sits there in the corner
    As it has done for many decade’s now
    It has rocked many a children
    And yet hasn’t broken its’ bow

    Its color is still good
    With only a few marks
    And yet it sits majestically
    Even when it is in the dark

    It carries such memories
    And has a legacy of its own
    It has rocked many a Shipp children
    Grandchildren and adoptee’s alone

    It is a chair to be honored
    With each soft creek it makes
    The sound sends most to sleep
    When a mothers rest is at stake

    The chair that rocks carries on in time
    And it will last year after year
    How many a generation will be touched
    How many will it bring cheer?

    God uses many a things on this earth
    To bring comfort to His children
    God used this rocker for 2 special moms
    To hold and love and cherish their children

    Murphy…come over and see this majestic rocking chair 🙂