The old flower bed has been made new

The old flower bed, originally uploaded by murphy_h2001.

This is a photo of the flowerbed along the front of my house.

The far left climbing plant is a pink jasmine. The far right climbing plant is a yellow rose plant.

The middle plant is a camellia.

The other two plants are an eyesore, and I have been wishing them gone. I gave them a year to impress me; they’ve had their chance.

They flowered once, but the short lived glory of the bloom ended and left only an ugly denuded stalk. They had to go.

So, I found a plant sale. They sold me two hisbiscuses and two english lavenders.

As you see below, I pulled out the ugly plants and put in the pretty ones.

I left the camellia, even though it has not impressed me much. it is a slow grower, and doesn’t bloom very much. But the leaves are green, and it’s not dying. Camellias can be pretty.

All the plants in the front bed now are herbs. That pleases me. And I hope they grow and become verdant and blooming.

We’ll see how things turn out.

the new sage plants

the new sage plants, originally uploaded by murphy_h2001.

This is the star jasmine climbing plant near the door. It has had a bald patch of nothing in front of it for a while.

I planted these new little flowering members of the sage family. My hope is that they grow and make lots of flowers.