Last night I was driving back home and I got to hear one of my favorite radio shows:

This American Life

It is a dream of mine to be on that show in some fashion. I’m gonna send in a piece of writing and get on it someday.

But last night! Ira Glass got on and announced that the show will now be available as a free podcast.


I am hooked on podcasts. Love them. And I haven’t even had a pod for very long.

These are the Podcasts I subscribe to:

The Glen and Helen Show (Instapundit’s podcasts)
FatFree FIlm
Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippet
The DIner
KCRW’s BookWorm
KCRW’s The Politics of Culture
Irrational Public Radio

And now, This American Life.

Okay, all of these are great, and I listen to lots of archives. I’ll have to give the blow by blow about them later.

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