proof that Chris has a marshmallow center

Chris and the cat Skellig have long ago become friends. They both rattle around in our house all day, mostly just the two of them. Chris spends most of his time sitting in his office chair doing work.

Skellig, however, has many many uphostered and/or soft places he enjoys lying on. He is a great connoisseur of places to nap.

There is one spot that is a rare napping delicacy: Chris’s office chair. It is almost always unavailable, since Chris sits in it.

But if the cat has his mind set, he waits and hops on as soon as Chris gets up for something.

In this photo, Skellig is curled up, sleeping as cutely as possible, mere minutes after Chris got up and vacated his seat.

Me, I would have kicked him off and gone back to work.

Not Chris. He went an got a bare wooden chair to use, and quietly-as-possible, moved the kitty over until he could get back at his work.

I have long suspected that he is made out of marshmallow.

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