Election Day

Did you vote?

I did. I got the sticker, but it fell off.

We’ve been having ballot discussions for the past two weeks.

I will be glad to have it over. I am disgusted with both major parties. I am disgusted with loud debate between people who are utterly uninterested in understanding new information that might cause them to change their minds.

I said this today:
“I would discuss that with you, but you are apparently uninterested in my viewpoint or in adjusting your own.”

The man sitting between us gave me a startled look, understanding the challenge I had laid out.

The recipient of the challenge didn’t pause. He continued talking as if I had not spoken.

I will be glad when the election is over.

Adventures with the specklebottom possum

Last week, before work, I needed something from the garage. I flipped on the patio light to go get it, and heard a big rustling noise.

I caught sight of a furry bottom and a naked tail walking slowly away. Of COURSE, I grabbed the camera. But the possum was very well camouflaged, and my camera couldn’t focus.

Of course I told Chris about it, when I made my 11 o’clock wake-up call from work.

“Baby! I saw a speckle-bottom possum in the yard this morning!”

“Did he leave?” Apparently, Chris had a low opinion of rodent-tailed creatures living in our backyard.

That is, until the next day. He caught site of my speckle-bottom possum on the neighbor’s roof—in the daylight! Then his marshmallow center took over, because the possum is cute.


He called me to tell me about it. “Did you know that the possum in the only marsupial in America? It’s not a rodent. In fact, it eats rats and mice. And insects. They have a very low body temperature, so they can’t carry rabies. They are actually good to have around.”

“See? I told you it was cute”


“Yeah, maybe it will come back to our yard.”

“It says that possums don’t like to be out in the daylight. And they are not so good at climbing. I wonder how it got on the roof?”


“He looks kind of sad. I wonder how they will get him off the roof? He must have gone up there because they have dogs in the backyard. He ran to get away from the dogs and now he can’t get down.”


About an hour later, a police car drove up and stopped in front of our house. Chris was feeling a bit uneasy. Maybe the neighbors, whom we didn’t really know, had taken umbrage with his photographing their house.

The policeman walked over to their house and came out again. Chris did his best to look busy at his computer while he drove away.

But then, an animal control van came and caught our possum.

We are afraid to find out what happens after that.

cut the fat in politics

I’m horrified by the comment John Kerry made. He made a huge error of judgment. But the people who gave him a microphone and platform to deliver his error made the bigger error.

Is this really the best the democrats could come up with?

Maybe the problem is that the people who run for office are a particular personality, a sort that wear mirrored sunglasses with the mirrors facing in.

Locally, there is a new development in my state’s race. Remember the big gubernatorial recall? Schwarzenegger ousted Gray Davis.

In California, the Lieutenant Governor runs separately from the Governor. The Lt. Governor all during that time was Cruz Bustamante.

Bustamante is not running for Lt. Governor again. This time he’s running for Insurance Commissioner. This would be cause for a very large yawn, except for one thing:

Cruz B. has lost weight.

Weight loss is a personal triumph. Good for him. But…it’s a personal triumph, nothing to do with politics.


He has run some campaign ads trumpeting this accomplishment. They begin with

“I was really fat.”

I had no current knowledge of Cruz B. when I heard that ad. But I was caught up short with this unusual and utterly absurd campaign.

I was trying to talk to my co-workers about this ridiculousness, and I couldn’t remember what office he was running for. No problem, I’ll just look up Cruz Bustamante on Google, and his campaign web page should pop right up.

This is what popped up:


It’s a diet and exercise site.

Here’s my thought: Cruz B. doesn’t want to be insurance commissioner. He wants to be the Richard Simmons of the new millennium. And he is spending his political war chest money on this website to start the marketing.