It’s Chrismas…The goose is getting fat

It is getting to be christmas time.

My house is in desperate need of cleaning.

I hesitate to go get the tree, because the time could be used to clean up the wreck my house has become.

if I go get the tree, it will take time. I will be exhauseted by the time it’s done, and the house will still be a wreck. In addition to the drifts of cat hair all over the floor, there will be a new sprinkling of needles.

It makes me tired.


let’s move into a hotel until christmas.

In addition to this, i feel guilty. I have no right whatsoever to complain. I had monday off. I could have used the time to clean. I don’t have children, which means that the mess I have is all my very own.

I would be upset with Chris for not helping more with the fetid pile my house has become, but he is suffering from success with his little ships. Lots of orders! yay! He barely has time to be civil to me.

In fact, civility has been at a low.

I feel stressed and guilty for it.

Chris wants to get the tree tonight.

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