A few months ago, someone told me I was very resilient. His compliment rolled off my back, because I was concentrating on communicating something else altogether.

But it came back to me last week, as I was reading a book by Dr. Ruby Payne. I wanted to read A Framework for Understanding Poverty, but the only book my library had was a relationship book Crossing the Tracks for Love.

I roll my eyes. It is apparently much more important to read a relationship self-help book than to read a societal self-help book. Gawd, we’re so ego-centric!

But the book had many of the basic ideas. And that word came up again: Resilience. It means:
Not taking no for an answer

I guess not everyone is like that. It seems like it would come in handy though. What good is it to lay down your tools and give up? Whoever got anywhere by sitting in their mud puddle and crying?

Of course, maybe some people don’t want to get anywhere. I do have respect for the quality of ‘enough’.

Enough stuff. Enough money. Enough food. Enough education.

It’s a balance though. Isn’t the world big enough to allow boundless pursuit of new things to have ‘enough’ of?