My puppy was attacked by the neighbor dog yesterday.

Yes, I am NOT burying the lead on that one.

She is fine. I am still in shock though.

How scary scary. Nice dog comes up to us while I’m taking Lucy out for a walk. Then dog is attacking my perfect little puppy and she is shrieking. The neighbor wrestled with the dog to pull him off. He couldn’t.

I was standing there, watching him try to restrain his dog. But when he couldn’t, I jumped in and pulled her away. I held her while she was yelping uncontrollably, and kicked the dog away.

She kept shrieking–like nothing I’ve ever heard before–for a while. I had to hold her until she stopped, then I could feel her to make sure she wasn’t hurt.

No broken bones. No blood. She seems fine.

But I took a while to sleep last night, because I kept remembering her screams.

And I think “I should have jumped in sooner. I should have noticed the dog without a leash coming towards her. I should have protected her.”

Maybe I should have chewed out the nieghbor more, for letting his vicious dog out.

Maybe if I don’t he will really hurt her next time.

I shouldn’t let there be a next time!

I am going to have to learn to have quicker reflexes, I guess.


I can’t let anything happen to her!

The neighbor left a card in my mailbox, apologizing for the fight. I feel good about this. I think it indicates sincerity. If they know they messed up by not keeping their dog under control, they will probably work harder to keep him locked up.

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