So this weekend my bathroom is being demolished and rebuilt. It is the shabbiest part of my house. But next week, it will be fabulous!

Also, I’ve had a last minute assignment at work that I just completed. Installing new equipment. WEEE!!!

and then there are two very heavy TVs that need to be replaced at a different facitility. I ordered and got two new TVs that are even heavier to replace the heavy TVs. But they sent the wrong TV. And so I had to pack up the new heavy TVs, and put the original heavy TVs back.

My back hurts a little today.

and I have a new project for the ship business. I have to make sure the vendor we hired actually finishes the job we hired him for.

We are in the part of the project that takes a fine tooth comb and lots of proving that there is indeed a problem that needs to be fixed.

Oh, but our central air broke. and our home needs new electrical wiring to keep that from happening again.

But we can’t do anything about it, because the biggest ship event of the year is happening this weekend. I will be flying to join Chris and all the exuberant collectors for a little ship extravaganza in San Francisco.


I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

I’m also a little bit sad to miss church this sunday. This sunday is Palm Sunday.

They could have called it Donkey sunday…or celebration Sunday. It’s commemorating the time that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, and everyone was so glad to see him that the whole city, practically, broke off palm fonds and layed them on the road in front of the donkey. If they couldn’t find a palm frond, they even lay down their coats to make a beautiful path for the donkey to walk on.

WOW! Such acclamation. Can you imagine? That would be even better than the red carpet treatment.

I have to say, in addition to feeling overwhelmed, I’ve been feeling underappreciated. Mostly at work.

No one was noticing the great things I did. I was only getting more work.

But…When i think about palm sunday, I realize that favor and appreciation is very fleeting.

I guess I should find it in myself, and not look for it from others.