Free Love and Parking

Our German friends wanted to get some vinyl yesterday, so we took them to Amoeba Records on Haight.

AND we found a parking space.

As I was getting ready to put in the quarters, the meter flashed at me “Free”

I shouted “Free love and parking!”

and a tall sluffy man turned around as he walked by and said, “Amen sister!”

I flashed him a big-ol’-smile because SOMEONE needed to say that in the hippie-Haight-time-warp.

Later, tall sluffy man came up to me in the record store and asked me where I was from, because of my accent.

[Me thinking he is trying a *super-lame-pick-up-line* and flash another smile—i enjoy lame-o pick up lines, even though they never have the desired effect for the deliverer, because they are very funny]

I answer “Around here…”

He looked honestly confused, “Oh, I wouldn’t have thought so…”

now I think though…I have been running a joke that amuses me (maybe no one else) that I have an accent that no one can understand…since so often my quips fly far over the heads of others….

BUT ALSO MY REGULAR CONVERSATION! what…what is so hard to hear? I don’t know…

maybe I’m developing an accent of my very own….


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