Two days journey home- Part two

Morning comes very early when you have to travel 9 time zones.

At least we knew we could sleep on the plane. But we had to stagger around through the maze of duty free shops until then.

What is the deal with spending hundred of dollars on hundreds of perfume? And alcohol? These are completely consumable.

I think it is much better to get jewelry. Even costume jewelry will have some value in ten years. Sterling silver is super cheap now.

How long to you think the Brittany Spears scent of the summer will last? And ALCOHOL? please.

We just wanted to get on the plane, and get under a cozy first class blanket. Fortunately, it wasn’t long.

Chris fell asleep almost immediately. But this was my chance to play with the toys.

They had a big selection of movies. Not just one! You know, every time I see a movie on a plane, it makes me cry. What is up with that? Why do they pick these sappy movies that pull me in and start the tears flowing?

I ended up watching the Pursuit of Happyness. Sniffled my way through it.

Chris slept the whole way. He had no interest in the stupid airplane movies. I got a some good hours of sleep too

New York arrived eventually. We went through customs, which was basically a forality.We returned to the admirals club, took a shower and killed more time. It was exciting to be around the news in English. As usual, not much happened during our absence.

It was also good to be back in a place where we could use a few dollars to buy cheap food.

We exited LAX at about midnight. I drove home, since Chris was weak. There was no traffic, of course.

The cat was very very glad to see us.

We were greeted by a new backyard, since the construction on our new addition had begun.

We wandered around in the dark to see what could be seen.

It was good to be home.