watching someone to watch

So, I’m watching CNN today as I am eating my banana and morning coffee. CNN is always on around here, because we have to have a source of video and audio to test with at any moment.

I think we watch CNN because we can’t seem like we’re having fun. CNN is boring, and when it’s not boring it’s horrifying. I half-seriously suggested we chip in our own money and get Animal Planet, because at least that is cheerful. Or maybe Home and Garden TV! We could decoupage the desks.

the suggestion was not recieved well.

Anyway, this morning, I was watching the recap of the sex scandal and then some blonde woman got up and was doing a press conference. I made a snarky comment “I guess Miss New Hampshire has to do something afterwards…”

I looked again and decided she was too skinny. “No, she’s the runner up.”

My co-worker said, “I thought they all became trophy wives.”

“NO! They all get together and form a coalition to start world peace.”

He gave me a look.

But the woman on the screen had started to interest me. She was not taking any garbage from the reporters.

I had to google her: Fran Townsend.

It turns out she rocks. She is in charge of the council on homeland security. And she deserves it! She had to work her way through school, and became a lawyer and then an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn and the got into Intelligence work for the Coast Gaurd. I added things up and figured out that she’s only 46!

How impressive.
“Fragos? That’s a horrible middle name to live down.”

Then I went to wikipedia.

“Wait no…That’s her maiden name. Her dad was Greek.”

So you know what else? She Orthodox like me! I love this lady.

So I looked up at the screen again and watched her in action. I couldn’t really hear what she was saying, but I could see she was in control of the room.

And then I saw it. She had not one, not two, but THREE earrings dangling from her ear! Oh yes, she did live through the 80s.

I’m a fan now. I hope she goes far.

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