version control

I have been working on a book for four years…and I can’t find half of it.

It must be somewhere.

You know those ads for “PC anywhere”? they say “Do you need to access your desktop computer at work from home? Get PC anywhere!”

I need to access my stupid home computer…but

that whitespace is for all the caps i want to use and big profanities. The thing is, our network has been befoogled by the new office. THe office that chris is in. and it’s a little far for my laptops’ wireless to reliably get to…and YES, we put in cabling back to the house…but I must have punched it down wrong…

and it’s because…

and I can’t

But it can’t happen until

it is all about shaving the yak

which makes be want to curse in caps

and I could if I wanted to…i don’t object to cursing or caps when appropriate…