I’ve been full of thoughts this weekend.

But I’ve also been busy.

A big home project is being finalized. The original wood floors in my home are being unearthed and finished into the floors we will use.

That being so, we are basically kicked out of our home. We’re staying at Judy’s house. That’s Chris’s mom.

Some of the time we are spending in the the office. Me, Chris an the cat. And some of the furniture that would normally be in the house. All in the office.

I planted my vegetable garden. THe planter box was made last week. And the seeds planter in a little greenhouse box.

I bought the dirt and filled in teh planter box. Planted the seeds. Carrots and Lettuce, which are the only two vegeatbles Chris will eat.

It’s been busy.

But the floors will be done Wednesday, and we can rejoin our home on thursday. It will be worth it.