Sunday afternoon, a bee got in the house.

Chris chased it out with a newpaper. We shut the door, so it wouldn’t come back in.

Then there wer two more.

They were coming in from the stove vent. on the roof.

Chris taped a priority mail box flat against the hole, so no more bees would come in.

We went to sleep.

Monday, they were back. The tape had come loose, and after he taped it up again, there was an angry buzzing.

Oh no. We do not want to extend hospitality to bees.

Chris climbed into the attic to make sure the vent was no leaking into the attic. The roof creaked as he carefully stepped from rafter to rafter, freaking out the dog.

The vent was secure.

And the buzzing contiumed.

We got into a bit of phone tag with bee exterminators.I left a message, and then kept calling down the list till someoen answered. THey said they might be able to come.

The first guy called back, and had great doubts about the ones that actually answered.He would have been cheapre, but he said he would need holiday pay.

The other people finally came, and de-beed our stove vent.

The buzzing is done. But we are leaving the priority mail box there for another day, just in case.