A couple weeks ago, I had a bad start to the week. Nothing disastrous, I just hadn’t wanted to get out of bed.

I spoke to the people I encountered at work, responding to the inevitable question ‘How are you doing?”:

“Ugh. This monday is steep.”

A metaphor, perhaps. Steep, meaning hard to climb. It was a monday that was hard to get through.

Not too long after, a friday appeared. It was at the end of a long week. Someone said, again “How are you doing?”

“This has been a long week. It has only one foot, and it’s in its stomach.”

Alright, that was was a bit of a riddle.

Here’s the thing, no one understood the “steep” for what I meant…They all said “Steep? What?”

The statement about the week having one foot in its stomach sent the poor recipient into a complete tailspin. I even TOLD him I meant a snail, but he was still listening to his own voice wondering what it could possibily mean and he didn’t hear me. I told him about three times before he got it.

“A gastropod! A snail has only one foot and that foot is in it’s stomach! I am only saying the week is going by slowly!”

“A foot in it’s stomach…Do you mean that someone kicked you in the stomach?’

“no…a snail…”


I believe I have a gift for describing things in unusual ways. I like describing things in unexpected ways.

An adjective is fine, but I want to find an odd-jective to do the job.