Alaska trip – before we start

So, here’s the thing. Of course Chris knew that I was from Alaska. He’d known it from the start, and I’d known that he was into hiking around nature from the start. We were going to go to Alaska, Denali especially, eventually.

Chris was the one to plan the vacations, though. He picked great places, and he was so good at it.


Really, he always thought of everything, making the vacation from start to finish a complete escape even if were only for a weekend. My trips and getaways with him accumulated and I had got to wondering what it might be like to see Alaska with him.


But I still was not ready to go. I was not anxious to go. As a matter of fact, I was anxious TO go. But maybe with Chris it would be okay. Maybe we could plan it into a good adventure.

We went on lots of adventures and then seemed only to get better and better.

bristlecone twins

When he was planning the next one, sometimes I would bring up Alaska as a possible choise. He always had a different spot in mind. It finally occurred to me that _I_ would have to plan the trip to Alaska.

With 10 years and my husband between me and the last time I stood on Alaskan soild, I figured I coulud do it. We had some frequent flyer miles, and it was time to show Chris I wasn’t making it up. All that stuff about Anchorage and Wasilla and the woods and the water.

Plus, Chris loved national Parks. And Denali was the big one. That was worth seeing. Right?