Alaska – lunch (26)

“So where do you want to eat?” Chris asked.

After the longest day of my life, spent mostly in the rain, all I wanted was a bowl of chicken soup. But i knew Chris would want a hamburger.

“Why don’t you get a soup from the deli here, and then meet me at the Carl’s Jr.?”

Freaky thought that Wasilla has a Carl’s Jr. But that was a good idea. He could have his hamburger and I could join him with the soup.

“Can you make it across the parking lot?” He was makign sure I was okay.

“I think so.”

So I got a big bowl full of soup and ventured across the parking lot. It was larger than it looked. But I made it there before Chris had his burger.

11:30 and we still had a half hour to go. We cooled our heels until we could finally get into the hotel.