So, I feel like cooking.

They say that pregnancy makes you feel like nesting, and that may have something to do with it. But pregnancy is a great guilt reliever when it comes to dieting or discipline with food moderation.

I get to eat! My huge hips are GOOD all of a sudden.

So, I now would like too cook all those forbidden things that I normally avoid on my usual constant diet.




Cakes and brownies!

Perhaps I should venture into homemade macaroni and cheese. I could get really good at that in the next few months. Who DOESN”T like mac ‘n’ cheese? and for the next couple months, it is a permitted food.

But here’s the thing:

1. It’s hot

2. Our oven is broken

The oven has been temperamental since we moved in here. Mostly, we use the oven to reconstitute frozen pizza, so it hasn’t hampered our lifestyle too much. It gets in the way if we ever want to host a meal here. So, mostly we don’t.

But! I want to cook, already.

I should just call a repair man and have him fix it. I’d LOVE to have some popovers.