Alaska- supper (29)

I had told Ray that we would meet for dessert at 7.

At the time, I thought that we would be in our hotel and done taking a nap. I thought that we would have gotten up earlier and gone out to explore the town and have had dinner already.

Things had not turned out the way I expected.

I woke up about 6, and Chris was still fast asleep. I read some to let him keep sleeping. But I was concerned about being late. And we were supposed to eat dinner FIRST.

But Chris was tired, and still sleeping.

I woke him up at 6:30. It took a good long time to pry ourselves out of bed and get out to get over to the appointed meeting place:


This seemed like a cool place. Naturally, it wasn’t there when I lived there.

Although the restaurant was new, the view across the highway was as familiar as the back of my hand:


I know those mountains. They are what mean mountain to me. I live next to mountains. This is what the mountains look like near me:

They look like they belong in the desert. Because they do. Of course, in deep and rare winters, they have snow on them, and they look like real mountains then:

2007 2008 027

That photo is from deep January, and they never look like that.

The one thing Alaska is good at, that Wasilla is really good at, is mountains.

But it was time for dinner.