Alaska -home sweet hotel (27)

Back to Bogard road and our hotel and pending BED.

We got in and the young lady who was running the hotel was behind. But she kindly gave us a room that was ready to be occupied instead of the one the computer had assigned us.

A key…metal and on a chain…was given to us and we entered our room rolling our bags behind us.

The room was better than I would have thought. We had a whole little kitchen, fridge, oven and all.

“Look!” I said to Chris. “We have three closets!”

“Why would you need three closets?” he wondered.

“Well, you need a place to hang your moose!”

Chris, my clean-cat husband, went to shower after the world’s longest day. I collapsed on the bed. The joy of soft horizontality seeped into my muscles and bones for a good ten minutes. Then I realized my skin needed a rest too, and I hoisted my weary bones up to find my satin jammies.

THEN, approximately 30 hours since I last slept in a bed, I fell wholly asleep.

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