My beautiful friend Wendee came to visit this weekend, and we went to the Pilgrim’s Festival. We enjoyed the rummage sale, perused the jam jars and watched part of the reenactment play.

Later we go home to  walk the dog. For dinner we went to Don Jose, which is large and homey and has blackand white photos of western movies up on the walls.

We stayed up kinda late talking, so I slept in later than usual for me. When I woke up I wanted to make a nice pancake breakfast for Wendee, but I remembered we had no syrup. I racked my brain for what sort of yummy food I could make, and then I remembered:


We used to make these when I was a kid. The floury dough would sit low and unassuming in their individual muffin pan beds until


they would explode up from their middles, arching into a shell that would crisp while the hollow center would cook into a soft doughy goodness.

There is a trick to popovers; you have to start them at high temp and then lower the temp just before halfways through. I had been nervous to attempt popovers with my old ancient oven, but now with my new and very temperature accurate oven I was ready to try.

Joy of Cooking gave me the same recipe mom had used, and I mixed up a batch. JOC says the ingredients have to be room temp. I let them get warmer on the counter while I waited for Wendee to wake up. The other very important part of popovers it that their deliciousness is greatly enhanced by eating them immediately after taking them out of the oven.

HOT HOT HOT and with butter and jam or sugar.

Wendee awoke, and agreed to the popover experiment. I greased the muffin pan, including a silicone one I got for my weddings, floured it and poured in the batter.

The result:


Better even than I remember from childhood. Crunchy, crispy soft and doughy deliciousness with butter, tea and jam.

yum yum