Baby update–still a girl

So yesterday the doctor peeked in on my child and it appears that she has flipped over. Glad to hear that she is not waiting untilthe last minute to get ready to find the exit.

He commented that her legs are long, and her tummy is a little large. “But it’s in the normal range.”

He pointed out her spleen and liver but the picture on the screen just looked like a round sponge and her guts looked like the holes. But Dr. seemed pleased with the state of her organs.

No looking at the heart this time, though. I guess since she is such a wiggler, we’re not worried about her heart anymore.

Then we looked at her face and her head WHICH IS ENORMOUS NOW. Doc said “Look, she’s frowning.” That I could sort of see. He went on “She doesn’t like us looking at her.”

“No, she’s thinking,” I said. Her frown had nothing to do with us! She didn’t know anything about us!

“You’re right! Look, her fist is up by her forehead.”

Yeah, no kidding. I know my kid already.

He moved the wand around, and said “Let’s make sure nothing started growing.” He looked between her legs, “Yup, she’s still a girl.”


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