We have lights up, and we have a tree. My parents came to visit on Saturday, and they helped us to set up the tree in the living room.

The cat immediatly lay down under the tree. He is a christmas cat.

Lucy Dog was suspicious, as she is with all new or unusual things. But she perked up when she discovered that the lower branches we had to trim off were bona fide STICKS. We put them outside and she chewed upon them.

It is the first of December, and we’re doing pretty well on the Christmas to-do list.

Chris is leaning on me to write the christmas letter. I should. But I’m sleepy and distracted. We’ve already abandoned doing a photo card, and will have to rely on premade holiday cards. But we will have our Christmas letter.

There are a lot of things I hope to get done as early as possible. I find myself slower and slower and slower with this pregnancy. Yesterday, I only had one thing I had to do: refill the needle prescription for the cat.

I did get the needle refill for my diabetic cat. And I noticed that I only have one more refill available on the prescription. The cat has been diabetic for 3 years now and is doing very well with his insulin injections. We are careful to space his twice daily injections approximately 12 hours apart. Because if we don’t he could go into a coma or even die.

But here’s the thing: the deadly insulin, no prescription needed. The needles, not deadly at all, require a prescription. It has to do with needles being useful to inject drugs–the illegal kind–and insulin is a┬ávery mundane and ordinary killing serum.

Skellig Cat hates to go the vet. They are not too fond of him either. But I have to take him once a year for a diabetes test. This fulfills some government mandate that makes sure the cat is alive and using the needles and the needles are not being passed on to nefarious illegal drug users.

It’s such a pain. He is healthy and happy and doesn’t need to go to the vet. And the vet doesn’t need to charge me the fat bill that such a visit requires. It’s a scam.

But, I only have a hundred needles and a refill of a hundred more. That’s 100 days of needles. Child will be newly born in 100 days. So…I should get the vet visit over with before the refills expire. It’s good to think ahead about these things.

I am glad that Chris is a good partner for forethought. We will be very ready, in as much as you can be ready, for the arrival of the first child.