Introducing Veronica Grace Daley born 1/22/09

Just got home from the hospital last night, totally exhausted and overwhelmed.

BUT! Vernonica was born 8 lbs 10 oz. They induced labor at ~7pm on 1/20 and she entered the world ~29 hours later at 2:14 am.  She’s 20 inches long, with the most alert eyes. She looks a lot like her daddy.

She’s beautiful.

I’m still laid pretty low from the labor, no real complications, but even a good delivery is an atomic bomb to a woman’s body.

Veronica is healthy, but we have to keep her on a science fiction glowing space mat  because she’s got elevated Bilirubin (modern slang for jaundice). It makes it harder to cuddle with her.

Pictures to come, I promise. But be patient: our hands are very full right now.

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