falling into place

She is 9 weeks old today.

I cannot believe how very mature this baby is compared to when I first brought her home. She holds her head up and looks around. We have conversations, her part consisting of smiles and coos but she means them whole heartedly.

She has also learned to interact with her toys some. She had already been interacting with rattles and things. The dog knows that all stuffed noise-making objects in the house belong to her, and she finds it really confusing that she can’t have them. Of course, the cat had no interest.

One floor toy was given to us, and I despaired that she would ever use it. But now she is old enough to be interested in Fisher Price’s Ocean Wonderland (or whatever they call it):

THIS one, that cat understands. It is a cat pagoda:
Of course it’s for him. What’s wrong with that?

The question is, who is sharing? Him or Her?