This is a spoon..a What? a spoon

Well, since the scare at the hospital we’ve had to give a lot of thought to little Veronica’s eating habits. Our, more precisely, our feeding habits.

If the hospital visit had NOT happened, we were prepared to begin the very exciting prospect of feeding her solid food. The doctor (prior to hospital visit) had said we could, and the Gerber rice cereal box confirmed it “Begin feeding when child can sit up with support.”

She can definitely sit up with support and has been insisting on doing so for a while.

The only hesitation now is that solid food is not as nutritionally dense as milk. So if we are trying to fatten her up, the best way is to use formula and NOT the solid food yet. Which is a shame because we’ve dying to give this solid food thing a try.

Because I’m chomping at the bit, I bought some baby spoons for when we finally DO give them the food. I thought, even if she can’t have the food she can get used to the spoons.

Chris disapproves. “I don’t think it’s the right message to let her play with these things as toys.” But I couldn’t resist.