who’d have thought?


It is not so surprising that Veronica loves the kitty. Kitties are lovable and soft and fascinating.

What is surprising is that kitty tolerates it so well. Skellig Cat has always been a crabby don’t-touch-me kind of cat.

But he’s very patient with Veronica. Chris and I would never been permitted that sort of proximity.

If you don’t speak cat, let me explain. Putting his tail THAT CLOSE to little V’s hand is pledging eternal friendship.

She LOVES to feel his fur with her little tiny fingers. I try to intervene when she grabs for the ears, but he’s been pretty patient nonetheless.

Good kitty.


It’s Thursday birth day again. She’s 22 weeks old. I’m half way through my week, and this is the first okay week I’ve had since she was born. I mean ‘okay’ in the sense that I feel okay, and that I think things are okay. Not super good, not super bad. Just okay.

Okay is a really great place right now.

As I reflect on my experience with motherhood, it reminds me of this one time, Chris and I were in Hawaii and we went swimming in the ocean. He’d been swimming in the ocean before, but although I love the water I’m a terrible swimmer and had never swum in the ocean before.

The saltiness of the water stung my eyes but the real problem was the waves. I’d get in the water, bob around, paddle a little and then WHAM i’d get hit by the wave. I’d thrash around, scramble to get my footing, rub my eyes, catch my breath, get calm and start to paddle around again. Then WHAM another wave. It surprised me EVERY TIME.

I wonder if I’ll get better at anticipating getting knocked over. I can’t even hope I’ll get better at not getting knocked over.