Monday and 172 days of life

Things are basically normal. I’m back at work for the third consecutive month since Veronica was born. I’m not dead yet, and neither is she. Days have taken on a familiar shape.

It’s funny how my daughter can fill up all the spaces in my life. I’ve always been good at getting things done in the margins. There were the big things that filled the day, but there was all this white space too. Quite frankly, I have seldom been asked to use full capacity.

But this baby oozes into the spaces. I have to look hard for the spaces to fit the other things into. I’m beginning to find them.

For example, I’m learning to cook super fast while Veronica entertains herself in a bouncy chair. And I keep up with the laundry by never missing an opportunity to chip away at it.

60 seconds? Monuments can be built in that span.

I would not say it’s easy. But I can say it’s possible. And I can believe it would be possible to have more than one. Now I just have to convince Chris.

And if anybody wants recipes for superquick prepare-ahead-for-the-week meals, I got ’em.

2 thoughts on “Monday and 172 days of life

  1. Спасиб! вообще отлично, 2 хороших новости – ваш сайт нашел и лето началось Можно сказать жизнь удалась, можно и на покой