a matter of opinion

It’s been hot, and it keeps being hot. Yesterday, V wouldn’t eat very much.

But I gave her a sippy cut with some water in it. She LOVES to drink water from her own hands with her own cup. And since her hands and her cup are a little messy, I only give her water.

It’s hot and the radio is telling everyone to drink a lot of water, so I thought water was a good idea. But her daddy says that water makes her throw up.

well, URP.

It does, I have to admit. Then again, so does formula. And baby food. And…well, this is a time in her life when the valve pretty much goes both ways, up and down. And she loves her sippy. So I give it to her.

She’s gaining independence. She is good at sitting up now, and enjoys her tv shows greatly. We just have to stay out of her way


It’s gonna be a hot one, no doubt about it. But that means I’ve been granted parole from my outdoor chores.  I get to do whatever I want. Maybe I’ll paint my toes!

I’m getting used to life with my daughter. She’s a great person, now that I’ve gotten to know her. She’s usually up for running around town, provided she’s had enough sleep and food. She likes a good laugh, and is curious and interested in new things. She likes her familiar things too.

It’s been 7 months. It’s the new normal.

Happy Family

It’s so much fun to watch Veronica be part of our happy family.

The animals keep on being very good to our newest member.


She has a wide independent streak, and it pleased to have her own sippy. It’s got water in it, and she can get a drink all on her own.


it wasn’t worthy

So I start the day at work irritated by a request that could have been avoided if the requestor had opened up all the mega documentation that exists. And then I realized that maybe the documentation got a little skewey and might not be accurate anymore.  But I was still irritated because he didn’t even try.

Chris knows I hate to be asked obvious questions. Do NOT ask me where some kitchen item is located because YOU LIVE HERE TOO, dude, and the kitchen is not my exlusive domain just because I have two XXs and you have a Y.

My co-worker was saying “It’s easy! It’s no big deal.”  And I was stewing because what do we have these databases for anyway, and why am I the only one who seems to know they exist and UPDATE them anyway? But he was right, mostly, and the request wasn’t that big a deal. It wasn’t worth getting peeved about.

I’m still feeling tired from yesterday’s long drive. Well, yesterday’s long drive combined with the not-quite-enough sleep I’ve been getting. I’ve been excited that i don’t need a nap every day anymore. But I think I do need a nap SOME days.

babies cry

This week we’ve been trying to teach Veronica sleep independence. We started last thursday, and used the methods explained by Weissbluth. A lot of people have had success with it.

The idea is that babies need to learn to put themselves to sleep, not to be soothed and rocked and patted. So, parents should put the little one to bed before she is asleep and let her fall asleep without help.

Which means letting her cry it out.

That’s hard. Veronica has spent a lot of hours crying alone in her room this week. And I have had to steel myself not to go in there and pick her up. She’s little! She needs me! But she needs to learn.

She is learning. I can hear her wake up sometimes, and she puts herself back to sleep without crying. WONDERFUL.

She doesn’t hold it against us in the morning, either. We’ve all been getting more sleep as a result, which makes it worthwhile.

Doesn’t she look more independent?