the shoe fits

I dunno. I like being plugged in, and i miss the heck out of my community college days when I had 3 or 4 command line email conversations going at the same time…

IM is such a rehash

…but the clarity of exposition that my blog allows is unparalelled. I have, on a regular basis, some thoughtS to sort through. And now that no one is even reading this blog anymore…

DEEP apologies and much love to you faithful few

…it is freeing to come here and expound. It’s a self-referential thing, you know? That I take the time to think something through here on this blog gives me a sense of finality. And I can have a conversation with someone about an issue, if I’ve blogged about it, and just reference my blog post in my brain. I always feel like jumping to the post and telling the person, “Read this!”

they never do

…and even if we get interrupted and I don’t get to finish my point…

is anyone else as annoyed by this as I am? I HATE it when I don’t get to conversationally finish my thought, especially when it’s a really good one [and all the really good ones are long so they always get interrupted], it sticks with me for days like a loop


I love my blog.