little boxes

My husband sells little ships. Little ships come in little boxes. When you open the box and put the ship in the display case for your very own personal collection, you can’t just throw the box away. What if you want to seel it later? The boxes are important because the little ships are so very delicate you can’t even hand carry them without damage.

I knew this. I knew that Chris had to keep the boxes.

Today I went into the garage, thinking I could rearrange it a little to get pathways into the places I needed to go, And opening this box and rearranging that box gave me perspective.

HOLY CRAP we have a lot of boxes of boxes. I thought *I* was the one with all the crap in the garage. But I have decided it’s all him.


Because on further examination, I found another archealogical strata the predates the ships. There were boxes for delicate Audio Equipment that must be kept for transporting important electromagnetic speakers and precious turntable equipment.

There are empty boxes. And boxes of empty boxes. They are bursting out the walls!

This is a problem, and it goes deep. It may be time for an intervention.


The poor little one is sad again. She wants to crawl and reach; she wants to stand and be held; she wants to be asleep and awake. It may be that life is frustrating to her, or it may be that she has a pain somewhere (her gums?). She is having trouble sleeping and is crying a lot more than usual.

I feel sorry for her. I wish I could help her. I know she’s a good girl and doesn’t want to be cranky.

When she was very little, she would cry and cry. Maybe it was because she was hungry and I didn’t know that she needed more to eat. THEN I would lose patience with her, and sometimes I’d have to leave her alone in her crib to cry while I got some air.

It’s been a long time since I felt that impatient with her. Now I feel pity for her.

She’s so much bigger now, I know her better. I know what gives her comfort, usually. I feel sorry for her when she’s going through a hard time.