Saving up our daylight for a rainy day…?

Veronica is one year old. Technically. But really, she arrived quietly and then left a subtle little double blue line a couple weeks later to let us know she was here.

I keep counting back 2 years ago. Two years ago when ‘normal’ happened.  I very seldom had trouble sleeping 2 years ago. I had more trouble staying awake.

But things are not normal. Or, they are a new undiscovered normal.

Daylight savings switch just happened. I remember last year spring forward was a terrifying event. How could I possibly keep track of the sleep and feeding schedule? I didn’t put the clocks forward for 2 weeks, I think. Because my baby came first. And I wasn’t back on the job yet, anyway.

Last friday I had to get up at 3:20 to go do a work thing that was time sensitive and HAD to happen right then. Unfortunately, I hadn’t really been sleeping well prior to that either. I think it was the book I was reading…I don’t know. But now that 3 am wakeup, and daylight savings…ugh

I love a schedule. I LOVE a schedule. It’s like a grapple hook over the wall of the unknown. If I go nuts and think “HOW CAN I GO ON!?!?!?!?” a schedule tells me how.

I despise daylight savings. Let the seasons be what they are.  The daylight can’t be saved.

and stop f–ing with my schedule!


The lieutenants were conferring, and it didn’t sound good.

“The plan is scrapped! There is no way this mission can succeed!”

“The General will not be pleased. How did we let it get this far? Our plans were so clear and perfect!”

“Surely we have missed something. Surely it can’t be that far off course. Didn’t we think of everything?”

No, they hadn’t. Everything had been considered. And no, there was nothing they’d missed. They were far off course and nothing would save their mission’s success.

Fail. Failure. Failed.

The General called them in. Quiet voices and heads hanging low, the situation was explained. The General sat the whole time, not responding only asking questions. Is this verified? Is there any question left unanswered?

Yes. No. It is solid and unmovable.

Now the General stood. Slowly and with gravity.

We are soldiers. You have all done good work on this mission. Yes, it will fail. That is always a possibility on the field of battle. But failure is never an excuse to do poor work. And you have not.

The cost of battle is high. Bravery is needed. Right now we are called upon to endure failure. But that failure is not the end. The war is still before us.

Learn from this. If nothing else, learn that failure won’t kill you. Be proud. Don’t give up. We are soldiers, the failure has not erased that.

This is the time to move forward. Let us sit and plan for a new strategy. Failure will not be our end. We shall not let it be.

..if it didn’t hurt anyone, would you lie

to get your book picked by Oprah?

I’m reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. It’s an awesome book. It’s really really good. The scandal is that he sold it as a memoir and it was in fact not based on his life.

Oprah picked it, making Frey (or at least his publisher) a lot of money. Then someone looked into the facts and discovered that the stuff in the book was  not stuff that happened to James Frey.

I was all outraged at the time. But now i’m reading it…and it’s a great book.

Would i lie to get my book published and subsequently picked by Oprah?


A hundred little hugs

Merlin Mann, in his talk to Google about Zero Inbox, described how he first encountered email. He said that only he and a very few other friends would have email (back in’93) and they would communicate to one another for free over distances.

He said it was like an international society of little hugs.

The point of his discussion was how to get over the inbox plaque that builds up and we do nothing about. That Email should simply be enacted upon, HANDLED and gotten over.

but i remember the email society of little hugs. I miss it. And in fact, i think that is why my email piles up. I wish for the times when my email would be a friend with well-wishes. and it’s not anymore.

not nearly as often, anyway.

I wonder if Facebook is the new international society of little hugs. People keeping track of people, checking in on those we care about. It’s a better platform than 1-to-1 emails from friends.

Communication Technology, when it first came into my life, was unprecedented in it’s ability to connect me with like-minded people. I certainly had no like-minded people close by.

I’ve collected a few more like-minded friends, and as a matter of fact I’ve broadened my mind so that I have like-mindedness with an even broader swath of humanity.

But I wonder if it isn’t just a little needy and pathetic to rely on Facebook for little hugs throughout my day.

is it time to buy some stationary and a nice pen?