My job has a lot to do with synchronicity.

What i mean by that is, things happening at basically the same time. I work in telecommunications, and this is a concept most people are very familiar with.

In a phone call, both people have to be there at the same time. Not the same place, but the same time.

A face to face, also known as f2f, has to be at the same place and the same time. The nerdword for the same place is co-location, sometimes called co-lo.

A phone call doesnt’ need the same place, as long as there is technology in place that connect the two people. Cell towers, cell phones, regular wired phone equipment, SOMETHING that allows people to be far away but still talk at the same time.

But they both have to be ther at the same time


then again, there are ways of talking that don’t require synchronicity. Remember letters? Tools in the form of paper and ink, a delivery mechanism, the education background to READ, letters allow asynchronous communication.

Email uses different tools, but also allows for asynchronous communication.

To step away from nerddom for a moment, there are things in life that require synchronicity and others that don’t.

Some moments don’t come back.

But some moments will come if you wait.

And you just have to wait.

protect your cherishables

Stayed up way too late tonight with some old friends. We are rekindling a writer’s group.

There is little in life so precious as a good writer’s group. And this is a good writer’s group.

Ironically, we spoke very little about our writing tonight. We didn’t talk about our writing at ALL last meeting. Nevertheless, it was essential to the writing process that we do this.

See, just coming together and listening and talking with one another made me feel so much more ready to be creative.

To misquote:

If a writer writes alone in the woods, and nobody hears it, did it make a noise?

If I think about sitting down to put word to screen, and I do not have confidence that anyone besides myself gives a damn–I will most likely not sit down to put word to screen.

I have ideas and thought that I *think* about capturing and crafting.

But I don’t do it.

HOWEVER! My group got together to listen and to talk to one another. We were saying to one another ‘Yes! That is worth thinking about! Yes, you did phrase that cleverly! You do have a gift to share with us-with the world.’

We were cherishing one another.

It takes effort to write. To write ANYTHING, be it an opus magnum or a grocery list.

If I don’t value what I want to write, I lose it. All the ideas in the world are nothing to the lost ideas of the world.

It’s worth the effort