I still haven’t got it all figured out just yet

It’s the date night to celebrate our 4-year anniversary.

Chris went to drop off the daughter at granma’s house so we could go to Olive Garden.

Yes, that is who we are now. Olive Garden. AND THA”TS OKAY. it’s freaking amazing, actually, just to go out and be along over the course of sundown.

I am left alone to get beautiful. Chris would be okay if I came in shorts. I would not be okay with that.

So i find a strappy little crushed velvet dressed that I bought in ’99. It still fits, 🙂

and I want some music to get ready with.


THere will never be a time when this album does not rock me. Never. I’ll be 90 and telling my grandkids to turn it up.

There are 20 somethings right now  who won’t get her. That’s fine. She belongs to me and a few million of my closest demographic-sharers.

I’m not young anymore. But I’m still wise.

I’m STILL sane and overwhelmed.

this rockabilly dress doesn’t have pockets, but I’ve still got one hand in my pocket tonight