Someone posted on facebook, most likely a quote from someone else:

If you aren’t the one buying, you’re the one being sold.

I think we ought to remember that. Except, you are ALWAYS the one being sold.

I guess we’d better be aware of that, so we can get a good price.

Is that a Gen-X thing? Is that ┬áthing that the baby boomers wouldn’t be able to hang on to? Well. Cynicism is a way of life, and it’s not so bad once you get used to it.

The gatekeepers are not on our side. The popularity contestst, the university admission letters, the job interviews and the rejection letters. Nobody is your fairy godmother. It’s not a meritocracy, unless the merit being autocracied by your own self.

King of the Hill. Until you are pushed off.

But I’m not interested in tooth and fang. I want something beautiful.

And I am not interested in the gatekeepers and their right to be right.

Who gave them the right? I take it back.

So, I find myself recognizing the Stockholm syndrome inside. Those gatekeepers have infected me.

“Oh…that’s not really good. *I* can do better than that…and I’m no good either.”

No, no. We are all good. Why not?

What is the point of all this judgement? Are we so very fragile that we cannot withstand the horror of a less-than-sublime experiene?

Crappy music is great! if you enjoy it.

Horrible writing? Should we all just cut off our right hands because they offend us with a mixed metaphor or dangling participle?

No. Never. Let the walls fall down.

Yes, there are differences in quality. But we eat Pringles and Potatoes au gratin with oil of truffle. There is room in the world for all of us and all of our growing gifts.

We may have to march around the walls every day for a very long time. To interpret that metaphor, I mean we need to do the work. We need to get good at what we are doing by doing it.

Maybe eventually we will see that we never needed to get the gatekeeper’s help after all. We had the power all along.

Thank you internet. Thank you for letting us know that this whole world is our for the taking, and that we are not bound by the old rules.

If we are going to be sold, let’s broker our own deal.