Don’t be a hero

Yesterday in a toastmaster’s meeting, the speaker was talking about new year’s resolutions and goals. She was encouraging us, reaching deep to instpire.

“Imagine this: What would it look like if you were to be a hero a year from now?”

I know she was trying for us to do positive reinforcement. But for me…”hero’…It is a tired word.

HEROIC is an adjective that seems always to be followed by “Sacrifice”

Billy, Don’t be a Hero. I’m not wanting to be a hero. You know, maybe I’m retiring from being a hero.

Not for my current crop of associates.

I was telling chris about this. He said “If you throw yourself on the grenade and nobody knows it’s a grenade, what does it get you?”


I’m tired of the dirty knees and grenade absorption. All the others who’ve seen me throw myself on the ground just keep thinking I’m an idiot.

Fight your own grenades. i don’t want it anymore.

But if I don’t want to be a hero, what then?

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