I was going to write every day, renewing my committment to this blog.

I have lapsed. And now i have basically nothing to say.

I’ve been helping Chris do a big project by leaving him alone and watching Veronica.

I’ve been thinking and planning and doing a life makeover

Both these projects are not common knowledge, but they are very much on my mind. Makes it hard to clear my mind for blogposts

In fact, I’ve got some work of my own that I really want to get done. But Veronica is my responsibility right now and she’s needed full attention. And then, when I HAVE two bits of attention to rub together, I’ve wanted to read

To escape. And the series I’m reading is really really really good.

Robin Hobb, people. Wow. I think I’ll read everything she writes.

Now, I’ve got Veronica in bed. And she’d not asleep. And I had some coffee.

And I have more of the book to read.


you know, life homework. Stuff I give myself to do.

But i want to read. And i want to get that homework turned it.

I betcha the only thing I’ll ACTUALLY do is clear off some house mess and get ready for the day job tomorrow.


Well, I’ll write a perfunctory blogpost. I can say I did that.