what the nerds did

they built something.

One of my new friends described how he was forced out of his old job. “It was hard to leave behind what I had built”

Yeah. I know.

I told him he really needed to read Miriam. Miriam tells that story pretty well.

But we were watching a documentary about the moon landing, and i realized…yeah. THAT. BUilding something. Not even a physical something, but building something.

That is what I do. THat is what I am passionate about in my career.

that’s why I tell people, just maintaning is not enough. It has to grow, and be improved upon.

But the nerds did it. THe nerds did it because they all believed. And it cost them.

But they still believe it was worth it.


I have a tomato, peppers, and zucchini plant growing in my planter boxes. Chris got them for me last year, and this year I wanted to start and get some stuff growing for the summer. I ended up getting any vegetable plant the garden shops were selling.

I told Chris about it:

“My swiss chard is doing really well…””

“Is swiss chard really bland?”

“no, it’s actually got a stronger flavor than regular chard…”

“Shouldn’t it be neutral? Being Swiss?”

….I should have seen this coming…

He was not letting it go. “Does it at least have holes? Like the cheese?”

“Oh, yes, it does have holes. does that make you happy?”


when it hurts to care

Sometimes in life, it hurts when you care.

But if it hurts, I think it’s time to take my caring in a new direction.

And if it hurts to care, so that I stop caring…also very bad. Best to find another way to spend my time.

It can be done

good people

It’s good to be with good people

One this my traipse through my ten years of blog has shown me is how valuable conversations with people are. I am inspired and enlightened when I talk with other people about what I”m thinking.


I think it is supposed to work like that.