Very good question. let me tell you a story…

Not all facebook conversations are inane. My dear friend Perry had this inspiring question:
I think I have a good question for you. I read The Age of Miracles the other day, and I wonder why people have such a hard time blending science into a good story. (Yes, I saw Prometheus and cringed the whole time). What’s up with this? 

    • ha! science and story
      no kidding. I believe that the professors who teach us

    • SUCK

    • SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!

    • What is science without context? nothing! Even the boiling temperature of water is affected by context
      AKA the story…is there salt inthe water? or what is the altitude of the water?

    • so, it’s BS to try to do science with out story
      and as a matter of fact,


    • so…when scientists try to separate the soul from the spirit that way they are kidding themselves…and hurting the thing they are studying

    • and when ENGLISH professors…or more accurately LITERATURE professors do not address the very important issue of why narrative or story is vitally important to every human endeavor…they are breaking up the floating ice on which they stand

    • what is your relevance, scientist? If you don’t have a purpose for what you study, why should we care? And if you cannot explain your purpose, what earthly good are you?…and they only way to explain a purpose is by

    • which is why you are supposed to pay attention in english class…and why english professors suck for not making sure that their relevant information is not BURIED under ridiculous side issues

    • so the reason people have a hard time blending science into a story is
      #1 it’s hard to tell a good story
      #2 nobody is teaching it

  • of course, I ended this by asking:

    • you still there?