fear or caution

There is a lot of fear rolling around. What will happen? What if? And what then?

I have mentioned before that Fear Saps Passion.

I want to live a passionate life. And here’s the rub:

I will live a passionate life whether I want to or not.  I am designed that way.

Looked at this way, fear is the shadow of passion. I can take my passion, and funnel it into fear of what may come. Or I can take it outward, and channel my passion into energy for what might be possible.

That doesn’t mean that fear is inherently bad. But I think I shall phrase healthy fear as caution. I should be cautious, but not fearful.

Caution is appropriate. Fear, I think, is not.

blogging from a phone

I know this is how the future wprks right now, but somehow I had higher hopes. There should be a word for this some thing akin to deja vu.mmwhich says “I have lived this time in my imagination and now that it is actually here I am disappointed”

I thought wecould be better than this by now