social math

Listening to Khan academy talking about algebra.

And I am thinking about my new philosphy of  “know what you know”

Most of what I know that I have trouble knowing is the nature of the people around me. If someone I know consistently behaves in a way I wish they wouldn’t, then I have trouble knowing that.

I keep wishing that THIS time, that person would behave a way I like.

But I’m sick of being surprised and hurt. And I should also remember that the people who are so exciting and full of possibilities…are often the ones who disappoint.

I should realize that the unassuming and unsurprising are often the much better choice.

well…the algebra takes


Then..they get all crazy




which is a way of rearranging the same information to come up with a new handle on it.

so…if I know that one person has behaved in a way that dissatisfied me…and if I know that person and how they make their choices

Then, if I meet another person who makes very similar choices…I can rearrange my data and say…

if y=choice

and x=friend and p=consequence


then I can take the choice and the consequence and see that it will be true independent of the friend

okay..people aren’t math. But sometimes they can be as predictable