It takes two

Listening to a program about colors, the hosts suggested that while colors do objectively exist we cannot ever be certain what color any individual is perceiving at any time.

People see different things. Some people are color blind and don’t see certain colors, or if they do, they see them differently.

This reminds me of something I learned in literature classes. I can write something, and someone else can read it. I cannot really know what that person takes away from what I have written. It is a creation of that reading, a combination of the person who wrote, the person who read and their experiential space and time.

I write things and send them out to my blog readers. Some of you respond in ways that are heartfelt and completely unexpected. I could not have guess that someone would read THAT into what I wrote.

I had no idea.

You and me, reader, can create something together that we could not do individually.

and isn’t that beautiful?