That rabbit is redeeemed

Chris has taken to having the rabbit hop across Veronica’s crib at night. All the animals have their sounds, and he had to come up with one for Rabbit.

Zebra says ZZZ, doggie says woof. Simon’s cat says mow. Flamingo says ffff. TheĀ Hippopotamus hiccups.

But that leaves rabbit. Rabbit can hop. And he does hop. But Chris has given him a line. He hops, and then he says ‘I LOVE YOU!’ and dives into Veronica’s stomach, or neck, and gives her kisses.

This reminded me of The Quest for the Holy Grail. THAT rabbit had very vicious teeth and dove for the neck too.

But this rabbit is full of love.

I had to watch it again to be sure. But there is no evidence that the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch actually killed the rabbit.

That’s when I realized that the Holy Hand Grenade must have had a converting effect. The rabbit is now a righteous rabbit, and repentant rabbit.

He has changed message.


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